Cairngorm Plateau

I’m Callum, often known as Sketch!

Currently the Head of Climbing at West 1 located in central London, an aging (formerly High Sports) wall in need of some investment which I am working on!

I am also available as a competitively priced freelance Route Setter and Climbing Instructor/Coach throughout England and Wales.

My current goals are to tick Sport and/or Boulder 8a, and attend (as a spectator) climbing’s Olympic debut in Tokyo 2021.

In 2012 I graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a BSc in Computer Animation. Unfortunately all passion for pursuing a career in film/game had evaporated by the time I had donned my graduation gown. The experiences and opportunities gained throughout my time as an undergrad, however, have been invaluable to me.


Geared up in Chamonix

I have thus far gained the Route Setting Association L2 certificate, Rock Climbing Instructor award (formerly Single Pitch Award), Climbing Wall Development Instructor award (formerly Climbing Wall Leading Award) and BASI Alpine L2. I’m also Development Coach and Summer Mountain Leader trained.

I have several years of climbing industry experience under my belt at all levels from instructor to Centre Manager, and extensive outdoor retail experience having worked for 4 years at (now defunct) Peglers in Arundel W-Sussex, and Snow + Rock. The majority of those years were with Peglers.

A quote by which I strive to exemplify is – “The key to effective leadership is to care slightly less than social norms would dictate; with that slight degree of separation a leader can calmly assess and tackle just about any situation presented to them“.
This translates to me at times appearing detached from a situation. Rest assured I’m still on the ball and quietly problem solving!

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